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7333 Johanna – Trailer
THIS FILM WILL BE RELEASED 2017! 7333 sekunder Johanna 28th of August there will be a lot of new stuff at this page. More pics and also information about all fantastic actors and team-members, that made this film possible.Tune in, read and share 28th of August.
(All stills at this page are done by Stewen Quigley, the film has been shot by filmphotographer Jesper Klevenås and the trailer is done by Julian Antell)

The feature ”7333 seconds Johanna” 

- is a 7333 seconds ONE-SINGLE-SHOT feature and is  the longest uncut european feature film.

- is the debute of the renowned swedish female director Anette Skåhlberg, herself acting the main part as ”Johanna”.

- is the story of Johanna fighting to get free from a jealous ex-husband and finding her true self during 7333 seconds on a bloody Monday when her life turns around.

- is set in Johanna’s neigbourhood of  8 blocks in Uppsala, Sweden during 7333 seconds in real time shot in one single unbroken shot.

”7333Johanna” is written and directed and produced by Anette Skåhlberg. Director of Photography is Jesper Klevenås. Martin Lima de faria has been technically coordinator, the head of Costume and Mask was Sylvia Drugge and art director was Rebecca Wallin, Martin Sandström and Jakob Knabäck made the sound design, and post production lightening did Mattias Sandström. Produced by S.T.O.P.Film, Anette Skåhlberg  Executive Producer is Monica Hedberg.



”Johanna” was shot with independent financing and the support of Swedish Film Institute in Uppsala, Sweden on the 7th of October 2012. Actors was Anette Skåhlberg, Robert Fransson, Josefin Olsson and Torsten Andreassen and many more.

It was shot on a digital 64 GB card in full HD with a Canon EOS C300 PL with a Zeiss 28 mm lens.

Four independent  Witnesses where attending and observing the whole shooting to make sure it was ONE SINGLE SHOT. 

It was shot after three months of rehearsals and on the shooting day 65 persons in the crew and cast where covering 8 blocks in a tour of over 3 km in the city of Uppsala.

The cast and crew where running, swimming, playing with children and fire, jumping in to cars and boats on the river during this 7333 seconds.

4th attempts were made. The one choosen is the first shot on the morning of Sunday the 7th of October 2012. That take was 7333 seconds.

The feature is now being sound mixed (of course not edited) and colour graded, and will become 7333 seconds. For commercial release the director Anette Skåhlberg is aming for 7333 seconds.  Swedish Televison has bought the feature and will broadcast it in winter 2017. A cinema release in Sweden is expected in autumn 2017. The production company S.T.O.P. Film is now in dialogue with international distribution and sales.

The film "7333 sekunder Johanna" will be released in 2017. If you wish to see more extracts or need photos please get in contact with:

Anette Skåhlberg, director and producer


STOP Film,


(All stills at this page are done by Stewen Quigley,  the film has been shot by filmphotographer Jesper Klevenås and the trailer is done by  Julian Antell)